Medical Credit Lines/Loans

JDG Medical Funding is a Funding Marketplace for Medical Lines of Credit, Working Capital, and Medical Term Loans.

JDG Funding enables medical providers to receive the best possible rates for any A/R based credit line or a financials-based/credit medical business loan!

Our bidding process is the fastest in the market, and we require very minimal of information to get the best offers for medical loans and lines of credit! We can approve your request from a few hours to 2-3 weeks for a larger request if you are looking for conventional bank rates.

We specialize in accounts receivable assets-based credit lines for private and commercial insurance including special credit lines for workers compensation account receivables. We also offer credit lines based on business cash flow and financials!

Physicians can use these funds for business expansion, marketing, growth, and improve their cash flow.
JDG Medical Funding provides exclusive access to capital and numerous funding sources. We use our experience to match provider needs and receivables with a bidder/buyer specifically for LOC and working Capital.

Our lending marketplace is 100% Free with no contract or commitment.

We provide a secure, confidential HIPAA Compliant Medical Lending Marketplace.

Workers Comp Credit Line 100K – 1MM Against Workers Comp A/R. Loans against A/R from 500K. Fast credit line for 100K or less approved in 1 hour with no application requirements!