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  • Any Physician Land or Real Estate
  • Acquisition, Refinance, Bridge Loans, Partner Buyout, Etc
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  • Surgery Centers, Assisted Living, Hospitals, Any Commercial Property!
  • Equity Financing, Full & Partial, JV – Any Project!

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  • Approved in 24 Hours!
  • Cash Flow Based
  • Bad Credit Approved as Well!
  • 5% +/ APR – From 10K  to 5MM Per Location
  • Receive 2.5 x 3 Your monthly Cash Flow
  • 4 Bank Statements and small App for Approval!

Assisting Medical Providers in growing their Business and Expansion!

JDG Funding assists Medical Providers with Financial Solutions and immediate Monetary Value for Denied Medical Claims, or insurance claims that take a long time to collect and settle.

Medical providers of any type a great practice and staff face financial difficulties with slow payments and denied claims from the insurance companies. Securing good value for Ongoing claims or Aged medical claims shouldn’t force physicians into debt or desperation. That’s why we built JDG Funding. Our mission is to help Medical Providers to increase their cash flow and value for their medical receivables.

Medical Provider Funding
Medical A/R Sale Simplified!


JDG Funding connects Medical Providers in need of cash or selling their A/R, and or faster payment for their Medical Insurance Claims with qualified and verified investors and buyers of medical A/R: Workers Compensation Account Receivables, Personal Injury Liens/LOP’s, No Fault Insurance A/R, and Private/Commercial Insurance.

We fund Workers Compensation Account Receivables, Personal Injury Liens/LOP’s, No Fault Insurance, and Private/Commercial Insurance.

We have developed the first funding software for medical claims. We enable every medical provider to receive instant cash value for any medical claim after provider upload the minimal documents required to evaluate a claim. DO NOT WAIT YEARS for PAYMENT! Get Paid Now!


Introducing JDG Funding

JDG Funding is a new kind of platform that empowers Medical Providers to get a better deal and payout for their Medical Claims and Medical Account Receivables.

We provide via our Patent Pending Funding Marketplace System the highest payout possible, at the fastest time possible with the minimal amount information required for an A/R offer or a funding Request!

Guaranteed Returns from Medical Account Receivables Insurance Claims

JDG Funding enables investors to participate in a medical recovery/settlement and medical Claim collection.

Investors are paid from proceeds from settlements, future Claim payments via the process of medical collection of Workers Comp A/R, Personal Injury Liens, No Fault, or Private insurance and Medical Factoring.


Investors can now enjoy access to the over Three Trillion Dollar Medical Funding Marketplace !


Up to now, only large financial funds and big institutional investors kept access to the burgeoning medical funding market

Currently, JDG Funding enables any investors to fund medical Providers A/R across Workers Comp A/R and Personal Injury lien, No Fault and Medical Factoring

Invest in Provider Medical Claims for as little as $5,000!

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