About us

JDG Funding is the first medical funding A/R Sale
and Funding Marketplace dedicated to provide medical providers
the best rates possible for their Medical Account Receivables!

We provide funding solutions which are tailored for each medical provider specific needs in a Bid/Offer Patent Pending Marketplace System.

We offer Workers Comp. bulk/ aged and forward funding, Personal Injury Bulk Lien Sale and Pre Post Funding, No Fault Bulk Aged A/R Sale and Ongoing Funding. We also provide Medical Factoring for private and commerical Insurance claims.Additionally, we offer Medical Loans and Line of Credits based on Medical A/R.

We carry exclusive capital and offer creative funding methods in our innovative medical funding marketplace for any medical provider or medical service company at any US location.

We provide investors an opportunity to earn great return from medical claims investing and provide full investment management and portfolio tracking.

We are committed to provide great service for our clients including timely,flexible, and innovative funding solutions!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide medical providers the best A/R returns at the fastest time possible with the minimal amount of information required. Our mission is to provide investors easy to use, efficient, and an entry level opportunity to invest in medical claims. We provide great ROI platform for investing in medical claims!.

We are committed to provide investors attractive and great return for investing in medical claims via our Bid/Offer A/R Marketplace. 

We are a medical funding marketplace and a direct funder of Medical A/R.

We have many satisfied customers and our company continues to innovate and provide stellar customer service and satisfaction to medical provider clients and investors! JDG Funding comply with all healthcare laws and SEC investment regulations.Our infrastructure is fully secure and HIPAA compliant.