Personal Injury Lien/LOP Funding

JDG Medical Funding is a Medical Funding Marketplace for Personal Injury Funding Liens and Letter of Protection!

JDG fund all types of personal injury cases for medical providers, Physician, can receive the best possible returns and the highest rate of reimbursement for their service liens in any “fault” state and any sort of treatment. We offer lien purchase and funding bids with the highest return rate for all specialties including chiropractic treatment, pain management, physical therapy, orthopedics, and radiology, etc.

Our bidding and funding platform for Personal Injury Liens/LOP A/R is the most efficient and most popular in the market. We require very minimal documentation from providers to provide multiple funding offers immediately.

With a few sample bills will allow us to get immediate bids for the medical provider personal injury liens. Using our expertise, we match specific liens and account receivable with the appropriate marketplace buyers in a win-win relationship. Establishing the right relationships means providers get the best returns against their long paying A/R!Our goal is that the medical provider will gain high case value from his hard work personal injury liens and will retain the valued relationships he has built with his attorneys while growing his business.

We specialize in any PI Lien and LOP type of any provider and at any state. JDG Funding provides Funding including full cash purchase for PI liens or Hybrid of Upfront payment and additional Profits for provider from the settlement side. We provide the fastest process to get funding for Provider Liens/LOP’s and our system does all Lien/case verification after Bid was accepted.

Medical Providers can use the funds from Lien A/R bulk Sale or Ongoing funding for business expansion and improved cash flow! JDG provide ready unlimited WC capital via numerous funding sources and specifically match provider needs and receivables. Our marketplace is 100% Free with No Contract or any Commitments We provide Secure – Confidential – HIPAA Compliant Personal Injury lien/LOP Marketplace. All the Buyers and Investors in JDG Funding Lien System are committed to work to non-Aggressive Settlements with Attorney and committed to grow the relationships between the attorney and provider and for forging strong and profitable Funding Relationships

Personal Injury – FAQ

We offer full PI Lien portfolio purchases as well as partial upfront payments and a percentage in the settlement side. We also offer ongoing funding options with daily funding before or after treatment is rendered.

Usually, it takes about seven to ten days to get funding for a personal injury lien. Ongoing funding is immediate and can be done on a daily basis.

A medical provider can receive between 30% to 50%+.
The rate depends on three things:
– Types of Treatment
– Billing Rate /Medicare X Multiple
– Collection/Settlement history with the attorneys

Our attorney relationships are very important to us!

The relationship between an attorney and you, the personal injury medical provider, is a significant relationship. Maintaining an ongoing good working relationship is important. All of our investors at JDG Funding are keenly aware of the importance of these relationships. We do not encourage aggressive settlement tactics, and these tactics would lower future business for the funder. It is the opposite situation that takes place: funders can increase the provider’s business and PI patients from strong referrals from attorneys the funder has made a good working relationship with already.

The minimum amount that we fund is 10K in Personal Injury Liens.

We buy Personal Injury Liens in all “Fault” States where the injured party can hire a personal injury attorney for the case. All of our PI cases are related to automobile accidents