Fast Loans – 24 hour Advance

Cash Flow Based 24 Hours Loans


  • Multiple Offers – Many Medical Cash Flow Based Lenders!
  • Medical Funders/Lenders compete for your business!
  • Special Fast Loan / Cash Flow Advance rates for Any Physician!
  • Funding ranges from $10,000 to $5,000,000 +
  • 3-6-month minimum term
  • 36-48-month maximum term
  • No Minimum credit score -No Prepayment Penalty!
  • Typical 6-months minimum business history
  • Daily or Weekly and sometime monthly Payments
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Receive up to 250% of Your Monthly Deposits

From 10K to 2 Million Dollars per Location!

  • From $10,000 to $2,000, 0000 million dollars advance
  • Specialized and Best Medical Cash Flow lenders
  • Provided over 1Billion in financing
  • Flexible Terms – Multiple Offers – Physician Oriented
  • Advances up to 2MM per location
  • Automated risk scoring system gives instant credit cash flow decisions
  • Payment history is not reported to credit agencies
  • Unsecured – Fastest Funding! Try us Today! Get Funded Tomorrow!

Quick Approval. Rates from 5%.
Bank Statements only needed for Approval!

24 Hours Quick Loan Program (Cash Flow Based)

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Our small 1 page application (See download button), and your last 4 bank statements

We provide better rates and we have special fast loan program tailored for physicians and medical providers

No Pre payment penalty and for loans over 200K we can provide a discount on remaining balance

We have direct relationships with direct lenders for physicians and who specialize in fast loans based on cash flow

We have no upper limit, but most fast loans are in the 150K-300K range

Our interest rate offers starts at 14%

Yes. 100% – We can provide even better terms and higher amount based on real estate
Yet, these type of secured loans will be finalized around 2 weeks.

If you have a Client who currently has two open cash advances we can consolidate them and the merchant only has to receive 30% of the advance in cash. Meaning the 70% can pay the current advances.

25% of our clients take 7 or more advances. Every time they come back to us for another advance you will earn additional income.

OD days = over draft days, and you can have multiple OD events in one day and it would still be considered one day. TDA is total deposit account. This is where we would be basing the advance of the merchants total bank deposits, and during any given month the merchant can have 5 days they where they overdraft their account

MCA = merchant cash advance, this is were we would do a spit funding with their current credit card processor. The processor would settle our funds directly and avoid us going into the bank account to ACH money. This option offers us additional safety and that is why we would allow for an increase in OD days.
Od= Overdraft

Lender will satisfy 2 advances and the client only has to net 30%
Lender does not have a retail sales force
Lender does not file UCC liens under 75k

Years in Biz : must be at least 1 year

Minimum Monthly Cash Flow : Average bank deposits must be at least $10,000
average number of deposits must be 8+

NO excessive overdraft days :
Average of 8 for credit card deals – OK
Average of 4 for total deposit deals -OK

Credit Score; Our Partner/Lender is not looking on hard FICO score – more of a general view.

It is an unsecured loan with higher rate than traditional bank loan but approval rate is very high and it is a popular product and a funding option for physicians.